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Our Mission

The International Practice Management Association (IPMA) is the primary source of information and education for managers in law firms, corporations, and law departments. We provide an inclusive community that promotes and enhances the proficiency and professionalism of our members. We deliver practical resources and cutting-edge solutions on the value and management of professionals in the legal environment.

Recruiting New Members

The IPMA is pleased to announce a NEW recruiting campaign, along with new tools to help you increase membership. Non-Business Partner Members who recruit new members will be entered in a drawing to receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. Your chances of winning increase as follows with each new member you recruit.

1st Member: 1 Entry
2nd Member: Additional 2 Entries
3rd Member: Additional 3 Entries, and so on!

As an added benefit to your new recruit, anyone who joins the IPMA between January 1, 2021 and October 1, 2021, can join at half price!

Get started today! The deadline to be entered in the drawing is October 1, 2021. See Recruiting Tools below for lists of prospective members. 

Recruiting Tools

The IPMA has the following tools at your disposal for your member recruiting efforts.

List of Prospective Members:
Use the Fortune 1000 List and the Top 500 Law Firm List to identify corporations and law firms that do not have IPMA Members. Members who work at law firms can use the Who Represents America's Biggest Companies List to identify whether their firms represent companies who do not have an IPMA Member. Simply search for your law firm's name to see which companies your firm represents.

Download the IPMA Promotional Brochure!

IPMA Website:
The IPMA website offers the latest information on Association membership, benefits, educational programming, and events.

Membership Application Forms
Online forms for all categories of membership are available at the IPMA website's membership menu. Click here to join the IPMA. Please contact IPMA Headquarters if you need a Membership Application in PDF format.

Contact IPMA Headquarters
At any time, members and prospective members may contact IPMA Headquarters staff at or by phone at 404-467-6757.

Recruiting Tips

Do you have a tried-and-true tip that will help other IPMA members in their recruiting efforts? If so, please email your tip to Be sure to include your name and address so we can give you proper credit for your efforts.

Tip #1
In addition to using the Fortune 1000 List and Top 500 Law Firm List, and Who Represents America's Biggest Companies List, here are tips for locating new members:

  • Contact local recruiters and staffing companies for the names of existing or new managers and supervisors of personnel within a legal environment.
  • Contact other service providers (i.e., copy companies, translation companies, etc.) for the names of managers and supervisors of personnel within a legal environment.
  • Contact paralegal, law clerk, and other legal educators for the names of managers they work with when placing students.
  • Reach out to former IPMA members about rejoining.
  • Contact legal managers and supervisors at firms or companies your firm deals with if the manager isn't an IPMA member already.
  • Ask your staff if they know managers and supervisors at other firms and try cold calling.
  • Check regional industry newsletters for mentions of job moves and promotions to legal management and supervisory positions.

Tip #2
Once you've identified prospective members, here are tips on how to proceed:

  • Call prospective members and then follow up by email. See the Scripts for Cold Calls and Email Template for tips on how to communicate with prospective members.
  • Direct prospective members to the IPMA website for more information about benefits and joining.
  • Chapters can apply for funds from the IPMA to hold a recruiting event.
  • Send a copy of an interesting/relevant article from the IPMA publication to prospective members.
  • Send prospective members information regarding the IPMA Annual Conference & Expo.

Tip #3
When you are recruiting a member, you are pitching IPMA membership to that person. A good salesperson tailors the sales pitch to her/his individual target. When recruiting, listen to your recruit's needs and highlight the IPMA membership benefits that you think your recruit will find most useful.

Tip #4
Follow-up is key. Send the prospective member a link to the IPMA membership application section of the website. Politely follow up with your recruits to see if they have submitted the application to IPMA Headquarters. Inquire if they have additional questions.

Tip #5
Personalize the recruiting process. It may help to let your recruits know what you find most valuable about your IPMA membership. It may be something that they never even thought of needing and now you're letting them know that they can get it from a membership with the IPMA.

Tip #6
Be prepared to answer questions. It's a good idea to have some resources at hand when you are talking to a recruit, such as Talking Points and links to past issues of the IPMA newsletter.

Tip #7
If you are a Chapter member, bring your recruit to a Chapter meeting. Show the recruit how, through IPMA membership, he/she can become a part of a strong professional network that not only supports managers and supervisors within a legal environment, but also supports their career development.

Tip #8
If your recruit's hesitation is financial, suggest that they talk to their employer about the value their membership will add to their management skills. With several categories of membership, including a reduced fee for government and not-for-profit members, the IPMA can meet the needs of all potential members. Also, point out to the recruit the many ways being an IPMA member can save them money through member discounts on the Annual Conference & Expo, seminars, webinars, the Compensation Survey, etc.

Tip #9
Emphasize the IPMA mentoring program or Managerial Skills Seminar. New managers can benefit from experienced managers in a similar employment setting.