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Our Mission

The International Practice Management Association (IPMA) is the primary source of information and education for managers in law firms, corporations, and law departments. We provide an inclusive community that promotes and enhances the proficiency and professionalism of our members. We deliver practical resources and cutting-edge solutions on the value and management of professionals in the legal environment.

How to Join

Membership in the IPMA is available to all managers and supervisors of personnel in law firms, corporate legal departments, and government, judicial, and legal agencies. Membership is also available to those individuals who serve as paralegal, law clerk, or other legal educators and to providers of services and products of interest to managers and supervisors of legal personnel.

Check out the list of membership qualifications.


IPMA Offers Several Categories of Membership

The IPMA reserves the right to request a job description, if it is deemed necessary, to process an application and/or determine the correct membership category.

All IPMA dues, including discounted dues, are based on a calendar year ending December 31. Click here to read the IPMA's refund policy. Please contact IPMA Headquarters if you need a Membership Application in PDF Format. 

Regular ˅

For those who manage/supervise personnel or processes within a legal environment.

  • Open to any qualified person who is employed by a law firm, corporate legal department, or government, judicial legal agency.
  • Applicant must be responsible for managerial and administrative duties specifically related to personnel employed by the organization, regardless of the title by which the person is classified within the organization.
  • The personnel who are managed or supervised can include paralegals, project assistants, law clerks, litigation support personnel, docketing clerks, contract lawyers, nurse consultants, government relations consultants, and other professionals to assist lawyers and legal departments and who are responsible for generating revenue or would otherwise be responsible for generating revenue if they were working in a law firm.
  • Duties may be either personally performed or delegated to others, but must include at least five of the duties described in the membership application.
Regular Members are eligible to vote and hold elective or appointed office.

2022 DUES:
$400 USD
$220 USD Non-Profit Rate

Apply Online - Regular Membership
Apply Online - Non-Profit Regular Membership

Enterprise Membership ˅

Up to 10 Regular Members from the same organization can now join for a flat rate of $1,980. After the first 10 Regular Members, each additional Regular Member can join at a discounted rate of 50% off Regular membership rates, PLUS an unlimited number of Affiliate or Associate Members can join at no charge. The Enterprise membership will apply to organizations with international offices as well.


Email headquarters to setup an Enterprise Membership.

Associate ˅

For non-managerial paralegals, law clerks, attorneys or administrators.

  • Open to any individual who does not meet the requirements of Regular membership and who is a employed by a law firm, corporate legal department, or government, judicial or legal agency and who is responsible for no less than three duties as listed on the membership application.
  • Open to an individual involved in bar association activities related to paralegal training or law clerk training or management.
  • Open to an executive of a professional association involved in activities related to paralegal, law clerk or similar professional training or management. A professional association may not have more than one executive designated for membership.

Associate Members are not entitled to vote or run for elective or appointed office.

Subject to the provisions of the IPMA's Policies & Procedures Manual and with the approval of the Board, Associate Members may hold a Committee Chair, Task Force Chair, or Chapter Chair position and shall have all rights and privileges prescribed by the Association's policies and procedures.

Consultants, service providers, and employees of service providers may not become Associate Members of the Association, even if they meet the criteria for this class of membership.

2022 DUES: $340 USD

Apply Online - Associate Membership


Affiliate ˅

For aspiring managers and supervisors in the legal field.

  • Open to any individual who does not meet the requirements of Regular or Associate membership who is seeking training and a network for career development.

Affiliate Members shall have access to specified IPMA resources. They shall be able to access all information on the Association website, be able to attend Affinity Group calls and webinars, and be eligible for membership discounts for Managerial Skills, the Annual IPMA Conference and Expo, or similar Association educational activities. Affiliate Members shall not be eligible to attend Chapter or Committee meetings without prior approval of the Chapter or Committee Chair and any Regular Member from the same organization who regularly attends that meeting. However, Chapters may invite Affiliate Members to social and/or community service activities or any local educational activities from which they would benefit. Learn more about this membership here.

Affiliate Members are not entitled to vote or run for elective or appointed office.

2022 DUES: $165 USD 

Apply Online - Affiliate Membership

Academic ˅

For educators of paralegals, law clerks and similar positions.

  • Applicant must be employed as a program director, assistant director, or educator of paralegals, law clerks or similar positions.
  • Open to any individual or institution who does not meet the requirements of Regular, Associate, or Business Partner membership, but who is supportive of the purposes of the Association.
  • Must be affiliated with an ABA approved paralegal program, or a program that is in substantial compliance with the ABA Guidelines for the Approval of Paralegal Education Programs and accredited by a nationally-recognized accrediting agency; or, in Canada, a nationally-recognized provincial or territorial accredited program; or, outside the United States and Canada, a program accredited by or in substantial compliance with the guidelines set by an organization equivalent to the ABA, law society or provincial or territorial bar association.
Academic Members are not entitled to vote or to run for elective or appointed office. 

Academic Members may, with the approval of the Board, hold a Committee Chair, Task Force Chair, or Chapter Chair position and shall have all rights and privileges prescribed by the IPMA bylaws.

2022 DUES: $225 USD

Apply Online - Academic Membership

Emeritus ˅

Emeritus membership in the Association shall be open to former Regular member who do not meet the requirements of any other membership category.

  • Must have been a Regular Member for two years; and
  • Must have been a manager or supervisor of personnel within a legal environment for a minimum of five years
Emeritus Members are not entitled to vote or run for elective or appointed office.

2022 DUES: $50 USD

Apply Online - Emeritus Membership