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Our Mission

The International Practice Management Association is your primary resource for information and education on the management of practice support professionals including paralegals in law firms, corporations, and law departments globally. Its mission is to advocate for the effective use and management of these professionals, to promote and enhance the proficiency and professionalism of its members, and to provide practical resources and cutting-edge solutions to the membership, the legal industry, and the public at large on the value of utilization and management of practice support professionals.

Board Meeting Minutes

The IPMA Board of Directors meets monthly via telephone and in-person twice a year. Below are the minutes for all of the 2018 board meetings. These minutes are accessible only to IPMA members and should not be shared with anyone outside of the association.

Minutes are shared with the membership to better open lines of communication and to keep members engaged with discussions and decisions made by the Board of Directors throughout the year. This month's board meeting minutes will be approved at next month's board meeting and added to the website once approved.

If you'd like to request minutes that are not posted to this webpage, please email

Meeting Minutes




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