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The International Practice Management Association (IPMA) is the primary source of information and education for managers in law firms, corporations, and law departments. We provide an inclusive community that promotes and enhances the proficiency and professionalism of our members. We deliver practical resources and cutting-edge solutions on the value and management of professionals in the legal environment.

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Company Description:

Athennian offers top-ranking cloud-based solutions designed to empower legal professionals by automating entity management workflows. Athennian’s fast, intuitive software provides a level of functionality and ease-of-use unrivaled in the entity management space and is used by hundreds of top-ranking law firms and legal teams.
Athennian’s platform leverages data to execute reports and tax charts; generates required documents for managing new or existing entities; submits registrations digitally; provides reminders for annual filings; and automates workflows with document assembly, eSignature, and e-filing directly with government company registries. Athennian also commits to weekly product updates based on real user feedback, ensuring that the product adapts and understands the daily needs of its clients.
By streamlining numerous corporate legal workflows, Athennian’s solution transforms productivity for high-performing paralegal teams, allowing them to spend less time on administrative duties and more time supporting clients.

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 - Maximize Time and Efficiency with a Modern Entity Management System


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