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Our Mission

The International Practice Management Association (IPMA) is the primary source of information and education for managers in law firms, corporations, and law departments. We provide an inclusive community that promotes and enhances the proficiency and professionalism of our members. We deliver practical resources and cutting-edge solutions on the value and management of professionals in the legal environment.

Affinity Groups

IPMA Affinity Groups are communities of IPMA members who share common interests and join together to network, educate, and share best practices within specific areas of focus. Not an IPMA member? Join today!

Affinity groups meet quarterly via teleconference and in person at the IPMA Annual Conference. There is no limit to the number of affinity groups to which you may belong. We encourage you to take part in as many as you would like. Affinity group calls will be a roundtable format where a volunteer moderator will guide the conversation. Your participation is key to ensuring that the calls will be both engaging and informative.

Take advantage of this peer-to-peer interaction opportunity and become part of the conversation on improving management skills for practice support managers by joining our Affinity Groups below.

Log in to your IPMA member profile and click on the "Committees & Groups" link under the left-hand navigation menu.

In-House Affinity Group

The In-House Affinity Group will engage in conversation on topics pertaining to the priorities, responsibilities, and challenges faced by practice support managers in corporate settings. What are best practices for working in-house? How can your team create value when you are not a revenue generator? If you are responsible for, or interested in becoming responsible for, in-house practice support management, this is the place for you to learn more.

Litigation Support Affinity Group

The Litigation Support Affinity Group will engage in conversation on topics pertaining to handling contract attorneys, both new and "tried and tested" litigation support software, managing a litigation technology team, and working with attorneys and paralegals who are unfamiliar with what you do. Need to know more about what others in the industry are doing to support their e-discovery needs? Then this is the group for you.

Docketing Affinity Group

The Docketing Affinity Group will engage in conversation on topics pertaining to supervising personnel involved the tracking of important deadlines in litigation and intellectual property departments. Our meeting topics will cover best practices, process improvements, and ideas for training docketing personnel. Whether you have a centralized docketing department or a less formal group of personnel tracking deadlines, you will find value in our discussions.

Intellectual Property Affinity Group

The Intellectual Property Affinity Group will engage in conversation on topics pertaining to the supervision of individuals who work in patent, trademark, copyrights and domain names. We will discuss issues related to the latest changes in IP regulations, recruitment of qualified IP professionals and vendors who can assist in providing cutting-edge services. Share your experience with other managers who are leading teams in this fast-growing specialty.

New Managers Affinity Group

The New Managers Affinity Group will engage in conversation to discuss issues and obstacles that are being encountered as a new manager.  Share these issues with other new managers that might be going through similar situations to ensure your professional growth and provide successful resolution reinforcement.  The group will have experienced managers in the legal industry moderating the discussion. This will provide relevant and diverse perspectives as well as different styles of management.