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Our Mission

The International Practice Management Association is your primary resource for information and education on the management of practice support professionals including paralegals in law firms, corporations, and law departments globally. Its mission is to advocate for the effective use and management of these professionals, to promote and enhance the proficiency and professionalism of its members, and to provide practical resources and cutting-edge solutions to the membership, the legal industry, and the public at large on the value of utilization and management of practice support professionals.

Affiliate Membership FAQ

What is an Affiliate Membership?                          
Affiliate Membership in the Association is open to any individual who does not meet the requirements of Regular or Associate Membership and who is a paralegal or other practice support professional employed by a private law firm, corporate in-house legal department, government, judicial or administrative agency, court system, or charitable legal agency who aspires to managerial responsibility.  

Who qualifies for Affiliate Membership?
Affiliate Membership is aimed at individuals who work in the paralegal, litigation support or docketing areas of the legal industry who are interested in developing skills that would qualify them for becoming managers.  The target audience is case managers, senior paralegals, litigation support analysts or senior docketing personnel. The IPMA is interested in assisting the managerial development of the next generation of practice support managers and to help Regular members in succession planning efforts.  Since most organizations do not have the resources to offer the depth of training that IPMA has developed over decades, we are going to use our existing resources as well as developing specific resources targeted at this group. 

How is it different than the Associate Membership?
Associate Members are individuals who have limited managerial responsibilities.  Our membership application (link to the application) lists the areas of responsibility which delineate the IPMA’s membership categories.  Associate Members must have at least three of these responsibilities.  Affiliate Members are those individuals who have 2 or fewer (including zero) of these responsibilities. 

What resources do Affiliate Members get access to?
Affiliate Members have access to all resources available on the IPMA website including all articles, outlines, recorded webinars, membership directory and business partner links.  Affiliate Members are eligible to request mentors and to attend IPMA live webinars.  They are eligible for membership discounts to the Managerial Skills Seminar, the Annual Conference and any other events at which IPMA will be charging a fee.  Affiliate Members may participate in chapter and committee activities with certain limitations as noted below.  The Board of Directors encourages the inclusion of Affiliate Members in community service or social events organized by the chapter.  The IPMA will be initiating Affinity Group calls for Affiliate Members. 

What limitations exist on Affiliate Members?
Affiliate Members may not serve as a chair of a chapter or committee.  In an organization with a Regular Member, the Affiliate Member may only attend those chapter or committee meetings where both the chair of the chapter or committee and the Regular Member approve.  This limitation was added to ensure that meetings where members may wish to discuss sensitive topics would not be restricted by the presence of Affiliate Members.  Affiliate Members have no voting rights with the IPMA. 

What is the cost of Affiliate Membership?
The current Affiliate Membership rate is $149 per year.  The Board of Directors will review the rate each year during the budget approval process.  The Board may authorize discounts to this membership rate for limited periods of time or for specific promotional efforts. 

Can Affiliate Members be folded into an Enterprise Membership? 
Affiliate memberships can be counted when an organization wishes to enroll in the Enterprise Membership category.  When the Enterprise Membership is requested, the IPMA will count, in descending order, Regular, Associate and then Affiliate Members.  For example, if an organization has 3 Regular, 1 Associate and 5 Affiliate Members, the full price memberships under the Enterprise Membership would be all 3 Regular, the 1 Associate and 1 of the Affiliate Members; the balance of the Affiliate Members would be priced at $100 per person. 

Additional Questions?
Please contact IPMA Headquarters with any additional questions you may have on the Affiliate Membership category.